»Let me say that everyone and anyone to whom i show your illustrations are amazed by the depth and beauty of your drawings and feel that they are unusual interpretations of the narrative.«
prof. Jack Zipes, Writer, Artist, Thinker, Storyteller

»In all my very long life, I have never worked with an illustrator - and I have worked with many, including Kiki Smith - you are the most innovative, studious, and creative illustrator. I thank the god of serendipity (if there is such god) that we met and we have developed this book together with the same mutual ideas. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas and brilliant illustrations! «
prof. Jack Zipes, Writer, Artist, Thinker, Storyteller

»Her work is inventive, visually appealing and drawn with faultless confidence. She is contemporary in style but also well-versed in the history of visual imagery and the imagery of power, meaning and clarity.«
Professor Walter King, Columbus College of Art and Design, USA

»I remain amazed, astounded. I almost didn’t know what to say. I had not known of Alenka Sottler. And then this book arrived, so pristine, intense, delicate, alluring, yet – at the same time – clear, precise, classical … Firmly grounded, but also – through the magic which is given to great illustrators – vibrant.«
Italian critic Walter Fochesato in the international edition of Andersen magazine, no. 202, April 2004, p. 86, in an article entitled "SACRA CONVERSAZIONE" on the illustrations from the book "Nicolo desidera un fratello" by Bohem Press, 2004.

»Alenka Sottler is one of the most important European illustrators in this moment.«
Livio Sossi, Professor of History of Youth Literature, University of Udine, in the accompanying text of the catalogue to the exhibition at the TKGallery, Trieste, 2008.

Alenka received much recognition for her work: nomination for ALMO, two nominations for the world highest award in the field of illustration, ANDERSEN AWARD, GRAND PRIX at Croatian Biennial of Illustration in Zagreb, Golden Apple in Bratislava and a Golden medal for book illustration at the Yearly exhibition SI 2016 in the Museum of American Illustration in New York. Her professional path is still rising high and only keeps getting better with years.

Alenka's work can be found in many books and museum collections, for example the collection Il Colore dell sacro in Museo Diocesano in Padova, the BIB collection in Bratislava, the private online collection of illustration and book covers 50 Watt, the online illustration collection of Nortwesteren University Library in Chicago, International Center of Graphic ARTS MGLC, Ljubljana, the collection of original illustration and picture books in Šentrupert, the collection of illustration in the gallery of Šivičeva hiša in Radovljica, the online art collection