Gallery KIBLA, Maribor, 2011

In the spirit of gallery promotion of a serious artistic project, be that a newspaper or literary illustration, or something else, the innovative visual contents as seen in this exhibition, should altogether override the involuntary uniform image. Besieged with cheapness, it would be difficult to refresh our view of the sense of values without such experiences. In the process, it is of course possible to combine the experiences of a painter, sculptor, designer, publisher.  The fine arts’ public could, among other things, identify as the ultimate decisive perception not only the fine arts’, but also the content-wise quality, especially in the field of adult illustration. Poetry – lyrical, personal, intimate, or even unpublished prose works of “stretchable” forms is a welcome inspiration.   With an upgrade of a personal meditation about fine art essentials, and by finding the point of penetration into the essence of a spiritual scene, Sottler has created a partly rapt, surreal reality in some of her works…


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